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@media, Hot Topics Panel

Closing panel for the conference. Just a mixture of random thoughts and questions. CSS is still an undiscovered country – progressive CSS should come. IE7 is playing catchup with a lot of the other browsers. Evangelising on the use of … Continue reading

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@media, Fine Art of Web Design

Andy Clarke of Stuff & Nonsense / And All That Malarkey Andy’s an odd fish! But he thinks of things in different ways, and from different viewpoints. He sees inspiration for web design all over, not just online. “Art is … Continue reading

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@media, Strategic CSS Management

Panel with Roger Johansson, Rachel Andrew and Dave Shea. Always use basic vanilla CSS and HTML files as your starting point for any project. Then work on repurposing this to suit your bespoke application. This gives you a basic framework … Continue reading

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@media, Internationalisation

Presented by Molly E. Holzschlag Benefits of Internationalisation/Local language version Sales – Users are three times more likely to buy something from a site in their own language. Customer Service – costs drop with translation of manuals etc, as people … Continue reading

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@media, Beyond A Code Audit

Accessibility is about more than just making sure you have passed the code audit points in WCAG, said Robin Christopherson of Useful Test Tools/Tips: Home Page Reader (text only) – cheaper than JAWS. Natural Language – if you switch … Continue reading

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