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Playpen #8 – Pub Standards Logos

A couple of days ago, Dan threw down the gauntlet asking if anyone could come up with a logo for the pub standardistas to use on their blogs. Here’e one of my efforts, which will henceforth grace this blog. You … Continue reading

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Upgrades That Suck

Upgrades, gotta love ’em. As it turned out, I foolishly accepted the offer of an upgrade to Windows Media Player 11 a couple of days ago. It all looked to have gone smoothly to begin with, and in fact I … Continue reading

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Property Is Theft

19th-Century French politician Pierre-Joseph Proudhon might have coined the phrase, but it’s still pretty relevent today. As a soon-to-be-freelance web designer and photographer, I was particularly alarmed to read Sion Touhig’s piece at The Register, about how the glut of … Continue reading

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Tagged By Sheila

Sheila The Sheila has tagged me with a little blog ditty, and in the spirit of New Year I thought I would carry it on. The idea is this: “For those of you going “huh?”, I have been blog tagged, … Continue reading

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