On The Trail Of Wenlock & Mandeville

The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic mascots, Wenlock and Mandeville, are perhaps a bit scary at first glance, with that one big eye, watching you. I wasn’t too enamoured with them when they were first unveiled, but having attended the games and seen Wenlock on the TV coverage, they have grown on me!

Much like previous art installations around London with decorated Cows, Eggs or Elephants, the Mayor of London has organised six Discovery Stroll trails around iconic bits of London, with lots of variously decorated mascots to find. I’ve had a go at three so far. I’ve completed the Green trail (around Regents Park), Purple (south of Oxford Street) and most of Pink (Covent Garden and the West End). I will add to this post each time I get a few more in the bag.

Green Trail (Regents Park)

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Purple Trail (South of Oxford Street)

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Pink Trail (Leicester Square and Covent Garden)

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Yellow Trail (South/East of Liverpool Street)

Last night (14th August) I managed to walk the Yellow Trail on my way home from work – rather convenient as it started at Liverpool Street Station! I collected all 16 mascots from the trail:

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Blue Trail (St Paul’s and South of the River)

I completed the Blue Trail on 17th Autust. Having found my first two statues on 24th July, I’d already done two of this trail but thought it was time to find the other 14. The route took me around St Paul’s Cathedral, across the Millennium Bridge and south along the river to City Hall and Tower Bridge:

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Red Trail (Waterloo And Westminster)

I finished the Red Trail on 20th August. It took me on a loop from Waterloo, around City Hall and The London Eye, along the south bank of the Thames to Lambeth Palace and back to Westminster Abbey:

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Finally, on 22nd August I found the remaining three statues from the Pink Trail, most of which I’d done previously. So now I’ve seen all 82! It was fun!

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