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Flickr Link Shortening Confusion

I discovered something weird today. I’ve known for some time that you can get Flickr’s short link for an image if you view > source. It’s usually about 20-odd lines into the page. I was making a comment on this … Continue reading

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Twitter Link Shortening – Utter Madness

Lots has been written in the past about the use of URL shorteners and how they have the potential to break the web if they suddenly become unavailable. It’s one of the reasons I’ve moved away from services like … Continue reading

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Grumpy Old Cow

I’ve been listening to @tommorris, @cubicgarden and @nicferrier grumping away on the TechGrumps Podcast for some time now. The other day, I was invited to be on the show as a guest – their first lady grump. I decided to … Continue reading

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Upgrades That Suck

Upgrades, gotta love ’em. As it turned out, I foolishly accepted the offer of an upgrade to Windows Media Player 11 a couple of days ago. It all looked to have gone smoothly to begin with, and in fact I … Continue reading

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Property Is Theft

19th-Century French politician Pierre-Joseph Proudhon might have coined the phrase, but it’s still pretty relevent today. As a soon-to-be-freelance web designer and photographer, I was particularly alarmed to read Sion Touhig’s piece at The Register, about how the glut of … Continue reading

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