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Gender Is Irrelevent

I’m a regular reader of Roger Kondrat‘s blog, Technological Winter. Today, he posted about a recent conference called BlogHer ’06, organised by the BlogHer community – their website’s byeline is apprently “Where the women bloggers are”. I was very interested … Continue reading

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Thick Squared

Following on from my post on RugbyMad about how thick can you get (travel agents’ feedback from customers), I see The Register is running a poll for readers to decide who handled the most stupid help-desk call. There are some … Continue reading

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Troubles With Technorati

I’m having some trouble with Technorati, and it seems I’m not the only one. I claimed my blogs (this one, plus my Rugby Mad one), set the blogger settings to ping Technorati (as advised in their support faq) and have … Continue reading

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