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What Type Of Geek Are You?

Ampersandconf was held in Brighton at the Dome yesterday, and was an excellent one-day conference all about typography – perfect for that Type of geek! It wasn’t just focused on web typography, but brought together those from the printed world … Continue reading

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BarCamp Brighton5

After last year’s venue problems of BarCamp Brighton4, this time around BarCamp Brighton5 was much improved at the new Skiff venue. There were some excellent talks and a lot of craic as usual. For some reason, I didn’t take that many … Continue reading

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BarCamp Brighton4

I’m finding this a really difficult post to write. But I hope those involved will take it as an honest account of my experiences rather than any sort of flame. It’s certainly not intended as such. I have just been … Continue reading

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dConstruct 2008

I realise I’m hideously behind with blogging about lots of geeky stuff, but here goes. Apologies if you were expecting this sooner! This year’s dConstruct was a lot larger than I was expecting: the last time I went in 2006 … Continue reading

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d.construct debrief

Otherwise known as the dConstruct Party… But first, I’d like to say what a great time I had at the conference. Some really informed and informative speakers; nice venue (apart from the pokey seats) and plenty of subjects to get … Continue reading

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