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@media, Strategic CSS Management

Panel with Roger Johansson, Rachel Andrew and Dave Shea. Always use basic vanilla CSS and HTML files as your starting point for any project. Then work on repurposing this to suit your bespoke application. This gives you a basic framework … Continue reading

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@media, Bulletproof Web Design

Accessible ways to bulletproof your website, by Dan Cederholm. If you are using an image background for any element – apply colours as a fallback too. Bulletproofing applies to: Content – text size, content amount (overflows don’t cause your design … Continue reading

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@media, Eric Meyer's Keynote Speech

A write-up of some rough notes I made during the 2-day @media2006 conference. I hope they make sense after the event! Eric went through a brief history of web development in relation to CSS etc. I missed the fiirst few … Continue reading

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I thought it would be useful for me to start a professionally-based blog rather than polluting my Rugybmadgirl blog with stuff about XHTML, CSS and web technologies, which is for entirely different audiences. So here goes… I’m a web designer … Continue reading

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