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Some Browser Share Analysis of My Blogs

As web designers, we all know how important it is that you are aware of your target audience, and what sort of browser they might be using to view your sites. I was idly fiddling with the Sitemeter Stats for … Continue reading

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Browser Wars or Spoiled For Choice?

Two new browsers have launched in the same week. As Olly says, it’s a bit like London Buses. First a drought, and then they all come at once. Firefox 2 – first impressions As a regular user of FF1.5, I … Continue reading

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Playpen #4 – Microformats/Too Many Tails?

Enthused by the WSG meeting on Microformats last Thursday, I thought I would update my website to include some hCard information, so put together an About Me section. I thought I would include links to “me” elsewhere on the web, … Continue reading

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I thought it would be useful for me to start a professionally-based blog rather than polluting my Rugybmadgirl blog with stuff about XHTML, CSS and web technologies, which is for entirely different audiences. So here goes… I’m a web designer … Continue reading

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