Look Ma, No Hands!

I’ve had a fab geeky shopping session today wilst everyone else was going do-lally watching England play footie – the town was really empty and I got all my shopping done in record time, yay.

Having had my old crusty Sony-Ericsson phone for a couple of years now, some of the buttons were beginning to go home, so I upgrated to a Motorola L6 with Bluetooth headset thrown in for nowt (marvellous).

And I was also a bit rash and signed up for an O2 3G/GPRS mobile data card for my slaptop – so I’m now inter-web-connected wherever I can get a phone signal – yippee!

Its about time – I’ve been struggling along with Dialup (yes, 56Kb if I’m lucky) for a while now at home, and although I’m about to order TalkTalk’s 3International package (free broadband for life), as recommended by the excellent BroadBandGenie, they reckon it will take nearly 2 months for the Broadband bit to get connected. Sigh.

So anyway, I’m very excited by my new toys (sad geek-girl that I am!), and this has been posted curtesy of O2 mobile. Expect more 🙂

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