Thick Squared

Following on from my post on RugbyMad about how thick can you get (travel agents’ feedback from customers), I see The Register is running a poll for readers to decide who handled the most stupid help-desk call. There are some crackers there, but I think my favourite has to be my rabbit’s dead 😀

I’m till having aggro with Technorati, as posted yesterday.

Without me doing very much, recent posts on RugbyMad seem to be indexed (I’ve not tagged any posts on that blog yet) but further back than a couple of weeks and there’s nothing found when searching. Meanwhile, the scoped search for this blog still seems to do five parts of naff all. Hopefully they will sort it soon.

On a more positive note, I’d like to thank Roger Kondrat for giving this blog a plug over at Technological Winter, and his help with aiding this relative blogging-newbie overcome the trials and tribulations of the technology 🙂

Tonight I’m off to the London Geeks’ Dinner to hear Chris Anderson speak on the The Long Tail as a sales model, which I hope will be interesting. I’ll post my thoughts soon.

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1 Response to Thick Squared

  1. Roger says:

    Hi Caz,

    Just thought I would say hi and let you know that Technorati has ranked you and your initial ranking is above 1.2million which is their starting point. Thats a good start.

    Also I haven’t seen a new post in a while. Would really love to hear about the Long Tail ‘party’ you were at.

    A suggestion when/if you do write about it can you put a couple links to others talking about the Long Tail, so I can get all my information in one shot.

    Also to help (don’t want to be too demanding 😉 I thought you may like this website

    Have a good day and I hope to see you soon.

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