d.construct Pre-meet

I hate getting up early in the morning, so the thought of getting to Victoria (probably a 1½ hour journey for me) for 7:30am to be sure to be in Brighton by 9am tomorrow just wasn’t on the cards.

So I decided to come to Brighton straight after work on the train, and consequently I was at the d.Construct pre-meet party by 8pm.

It was nice to meet a few folks beforehand, and socialise before tomorrow’s conference. There was plenty of non-work non-geek chat to be had, as well as the usual “what do you do” sort of conversation, it just depended who you talked to.

I had a few glasses of wine, and a small group of us who’d been chatting most of the evening headed back to our respective hotels around 11pm – we all felt we needed our Beauty Sleep before tomorrow’s conference – and there’s another post-con event tomorrow evening where we can indulge in a few more beers as neccesary 🙂

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