Advanced Driving Techniques

I had to take a drive down to the main sorting office earlier on, to collect a parcel. It had a customs charge of £3.68 – fair enough – and a £4.00 “Royal Mail Administration Fee” on top.

<rant> HOW MUCH ?!?!?! </rant>

Anyway, that wasn’t the point of this post…

My route home from the PO takes me past the County Police HQ, and just outside it, a vehicle cut me up by pulling in front and proceeded to do 15mph (in a 30 limit) until the next junction, where it turned left without indicating! Sadly, I was going the same way, and the car (still doing 15mph) then pulled up outside the County Court, giving 1 second’s worth of indication and “parking” half in and half out of the layby.

It was a display truely worthy of someone out on their first driving lesson. But the reason I was so shocked? It was a marked patrol car!

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