Gone Into Hiding?

You may have wondered if I’ve gone into hiding as the blog has been very quiet lately. Well, the answer’s no, but I have had a week off doing stuff at home and not going near the computer very much. Makes a nice change, every now and then!

Emerging from my exile, I’m blinking in the bright light of day and trying to catch up with a bit of blog reading, writing and other pc-related stuff.

Olly Hodgson has some excellent links, which I’ve been following up, and then generally getting lost in the blogsphere. I’m also waiting with baited breath to see how The CSS Div almost got himself killed…

Here’s a few good posts about accessibility issues:

As an antidote to my recent exile, I’m also being very sociable this week, with the upcoming events in London to attend – WSG London #2 – Microformats and the London Geek Dinner with Molly H. Will report back on them later in the week.

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