BarCamp Presentation
I’m happy to have finished writing my presentation for BarCampLondon2. I’ve decided to do a spot on Better Picture Taking as there seem to be plenty of folks with digital cameras who want to know more about getting the most out of their gear. It won’t be technical, and it won’t be biased towards any particular type or brand of camera. Instead, I’ll be covering the basics of good composition and lighting, plus editing your pictures for showing to friends. After BarCamp, I hope to blog most of the content for those who couldn’t attend.

I’ve gone for a non web-related topic as I figure I’ll be teaching many of the attendees how to suck eggs if I talk about web standards or css. Others have said that some of the most interesting topics last time round were those which were a bit off the beaten track. So here’s hoping it will go down well.

Geek/Girlgeek Dinners
I notice there are a couple of geeky dinners coming up soon. They seem to have shot themselves in the foot slightly in that they’re both on the same day! So, clone yourself or toss a coin to decided which of the following you’d rather attend on 21st February:

Unfortunately, I’m unable to attend either event as I’m already busy, but I will be keen to read any blogs about them afterwards. Please let me know if you write a review.

WSG London #3 – Accessibility
Stuart has put together another great programme for the forthcoming WSG meeting on 28th February. Now that’s one I will be able to attend, and am looking forward to what Anne McMeekin, Niqui Merret and Mike Davies have to say on the subject.

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