Geek Dinner With Becky Hogge

This Geek Dinner saw us in a new venue, Ye Olde Cock Tavern on Fleet Street, since our old haunt, The Bottlescrue has called time for good. The new place is actually better, I think, because we can have one floor of the pub to ourselves and not encroach on anyone else too much. And the food was much better, too! Thanks to Ian for finding such a great place for us to meet.Becky Hogge was the guest. She heads the Open Rights Group, and explained the work of the ORG, who summarise their goals as:

  • To raise awareness in the media of digital rights abuses
  • To provide a media clearinghouse, connecting journalists with experts and activists
  • To preserve and extend traditional civil liberties in the digital world
  • To collaborate with other digital rights and related organisations
  • To nurture a community of campaigning volunteers, from grassroots activists to technical and legal experts

[Becky explains the work of the Open Rights Group]

[Attentive audience]

The ORG’s website is well worth a read if you are interested in any issues regarding digital rights of various kinds.

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2 Responses to Geek Dinner With Becky Hogge

  1. Anonymous says:

    25 ORG volunteers were accredited as election observers under new voting legislation, and watched the use of e-voting and e-counting systems in May’s elections. The results of the election report release yesterday are scary.

    “ORG concludes that, given the problems observed and the questions remaining unanswered, it cannot express confidence in the results declared in areas observed.”

  2. Caz Mockett says:

    Thanks for the link, “Anonymous”. I’ll take a look.

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