BarCampLondon3 – After Hours

BCL3 logoIf you’re staying overnight (which is essential for the full BarCamp experience), then there isn’t really an “after hours” – you just keep going for as long as there’s a geek still standing.

After the first day’s sessions came to a close, the socialising began in earnest. Here we see Mr Boozeniges living up to his name:

[First steps in drinking the mighty Google dry]

Inevitably, where geeks gather, there will be interminable rounds of Werewolf, for it is writ in Lore.

[Short break in a round of Werewolf. Cheer up! Anyone would think someone just died… oh wait!]

I think I must have played at least half a dozen games during the evening. But the most satisfying has to be the one that wrapped up around 5am – final round me [Werewolf] versus Tom Hughes-Croucher and Sebastian “CB” Grünwaldt [villagers] and Tom decides to nominate CB – mwahhaha! I win! Yum yum, tasty villagers.

Talking of tasty, as if the mountains of food served for dinner weren’t enough, Google laid on a midnight feast for the geeks – freshly cooked waffles, pancakes and a chocolate fountain. Man, you could get soooo fat working here…

[The chocolate fountain – just had to be tried, didn’t it?]

There were loads of games to play (Wii sports, tabletennis, fussball) and even a Segway to fool around with. However, Jan and CB, two of the crazy German LondonBubble guys decided they could go one better than the Segway with their two-seater “find”:

[Ticket To Ride – CB drives with Jan on the back, looking justifyably worried]

But the weirdest trick of the evning must go to Oliver Uuberholz (another LondonBubble boy) who decided the empty beer fridges were going to waste and his Mac was getting too warm:
[Macs in the fridge]

Enough craziness, and being about dead on my feet by 5:30am, I went to find a quiet bit of floor to collapse on for 3 hours.

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