I apologise to my (hopefully still) loyal readers – there hasn’t been much activity here for ages. But I hope to change that soon, having just migrated this blog from its previous home at Blogger.

I also hope to catch up with some posts from recent events – but I’ll probably cheat and make their dates nearer the events in question – so shoot me.

Add 04/07/2008: And then, the server fell over. Big time. All sorts of poop flew in all sorts of directions. So I’ve given up with my old host, and have moved to a new one. Just getting everything migrated over now. The old domain, carolinemockett.com is still in a bit of a mess during the transition – these are where things are going to live very soon:

My personal ramblings: cazmockett.com – Live Now (still a few tiny things to fix)
My webdesign blog: cazmockett.com/blog/ – Live Now
My general photographic site: cazphoto.co.uk – Live
My general photo blog: cazphoto.co.uk/blog/ – Live
My Photo a Day blog: cazphoto.co.uk/2008/ – Live
My Rugby blog: rugbypix.co.uk/blog/ – Live
My Rugby photos: rugbypix.com – Live

I think most things are fixed now, finally!

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3 Responses to Hiatus

  1. Natalie Ford says:

    What hosting did you go with in the end?
    Nice shiny (if PINK!!! ;-p) new blog!

  2. Antonia Hyde says:

    Receiving you loud and clear! 🙂

  3. admin says:

    Thanks for the comments, ladies 🙂

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