BarCamp’s Off, Hack Camp’s On

HackCamp1A few weeks ago, we were disappointed to learn that the venue for the proposed BarCamp London8 had fallen through at rather short notice. However, there were lots of folks who had already booked their trips from overseas, so rather than disappoint them, BarCamp organisers Kevin and Cristiano hastily put together the first London HackCamp, held at Google‘s offices in Victoria.

We had a great time and lots of productive hacks were put together. Rather than do anything too hacky myself, I had a good play with WordPress 3, almost out in full. I decided to use its ability to run multiple blogs from one installation to revamp my photographic home on the web,

I’m really pleased with the flexibility of WP3, particularly how easy it is to build custom menus for each site – something I used to do by hand when building bespoke themes for clients – but no longer! Thank goodness for that.

Anway, here are my best pictures from the weekend:

[flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157624144067023″]

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