Out With The Old, In With The New

Visitors to my long-neglected blog (and website) may notice a metamorphosis of epic proportions has just taken place. The previous design was nearly 5 years old, so I’ve had a revamp and a fresh lick of paint – which of course, had to be purple.

Ye Olde Designe

Ye Olde Designe ca. 2006 - time to go!

Shiny new purple thingy

Shiny new purple thingy

I was also rather naughty… having often had to deal with IE6 and its bloody nuisances, I decided to “treat” folks who visit using this crappy old browser to a slightly reduced service. I only wish I could make all the content images mono too! That would teach ’em!

Viewed in IE6 just for punishment

Viewed in IE6, just for punishment

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