Back To Basics

BarCamp Sheffield3 This year’s BarCamp Sheffield3 was billed as a back to basics affair. No sponsors, no food and drink, no schwag. Just the venue and the people. How would it work? The answer – pretty well! Originally I wasn’t sure I would be able to attend due to lack of cheap accommodation (the Snooker was on at the Crucible over the same weekend). But then Tim and Carolyn came to the rescue and offered lodgings in Leeds for the duration for myself, Alistair, Martin and Mick.


Gee-Up - Alistair fooling around during our geocaching outing

Having had a dreadful journey up to Leeds on the Friday night, I was feeling less than chipper on Saturday morning, but after a quick nap in the corner (feeling more like Barcamp Day 2 already!), I finally woke up a bit. @carolynlyn bought cupcakes for the geeks to decorate and nosh, which was very well received.

There was a pretty full schedule, which was great to see – after all, a BarCamp is all about the sessions and people.

I also particularly enjoyed sessions by @tnash (Membership Site Strategies), @alistair (QR Codes), @losvaive (Video Games As A Learning Tool) and @yorkhannah (Learn to Play Catacombs). I ran a session on geocaching on Sunday morning, taking several newbies (and a few old hands) out on a trip around town to find some tupperware. 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

I didn’t take many pictures in Sheffield, but did a few around Leeds during the weekend. Here are a selection:

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