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When I first started cutting my teeth on dynamic web site development, I was pleased that Dreamweaver has plenty of tools to help out. Because we used it at work for sites, I chose the ASP.NET/C# server model, and used … Continue reading

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BarCamp Day 2 – Morning & Afternoon

Simon Willison on OpenID Simon talked about systems for single sign-on across multiple sites. You don’t give away your user name to the site, but do it via a third party signon, such as Yahoo!. MyOpenID https://www.myopenid.com Attribute Exchange Registering … Continue reading

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I thought it would be useful for me to start a professionally-based blog rather than polluting my Rugybmadgirl blog with stuff about XHTML, CSS and web technologies, which is for entirely different audiences. So here goes… I’m a web designer … Continue reading

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