Not So Plug-And-Play

I’ve taken photos at a couple of events with my new Motorola L6, which I thought would be great to put on the blog. Once was at the recent Geeks Dinner the second was at the WSG London meeting. But sadly, I’m being defeated by technology.

You see, I don’t have any sort of picture messaging contract with my phone, so I can’t email them to myself… BUT! the phone has a handy USB port, so I thought I’d get ’em off that way. Cue pain and suffering. The phone didn’t come with any software (drivers or otherwise) and WindowsXP doesn’t have any native drivers for the phone, although it recognises the make and model.

I thought I’d go straight to the horses’ mouth and searched the Motorola website for downloadable drivers for the L6. Nothing. Nada. Nowt. Plenty of glossy brochureware (you’re preaching to the converted, I already have one!) but nothing useful. A google or two later turned up quite a few disgruntled users also looking for the driver and posting their frustration on forums far and wide.

So the search continues. If and when I find the driver, I’ll upload the photos (they weren’t that exciting, so don’t hold your breath in anticipation). Until then, you’ll have to do with the text and make up your own cartoons to go with it 🙂

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