D Is For DOM and d.Construct

Inspired by Christian Heilmann‘s presentation on DOM Scripting last week (he made JavaScript sound fun, for heavens’ sake!), I thought I would try and get my head round the concept. I’m much more familiar with CSS and tend to cower in the corner at the thought of writing any Javascript. So I thought I would buy a book. Well, I actually went into Borders looking for a newbie’s guide to PHP but came out with Jeremy Keith’‘s DOM Scripting: Web Design with JavaScript and the Document Object Model (Friends of ED). How did that happen?

Talking of Jeremy and his friends at Clear:left, I have bought my ticket for the 2006 d.Construct meeting in Brighton on 8th September. It promises to be a good event, and I thought I might make a weekend of it and see a bit of Brighton while I’m at it (or is that just so I can recover from the post-con hangover??).

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