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Playpen #3 – Changing Your Stripes

You know what they say about Leopards… well at least you can get a table to change its stripes with a bit of DOM scripting. It’s a fairly trivial problem, but seeing as I’m pretty green when it comes to … Continue reading

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A Little Light Reading

If you’re thinking of dipping your toes into the standards compliance/css development pond (come on in, the water’s fine!), and you aren’t able to afford some of the swanky courses available out there, a good alternative is to read some … Continue reading

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D Is For DOM and d.Construct

Inspired by Christian Heilmann‘s presentation on DOM Scripting last week (he made JavaScript sound fun, for heavens’ sake!), I thought I would try and get my head round the concept. I’m much more familiar with CSS and tend to cower … Continue reading

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