.Net Magazine Makeover

Have you read .Net magazine recently?

I’ve never been an avid reader, but I was browsing Andy Budd‘s website the other day, and a blog post about .Net mag caught my eye, which made me go and search it out at Smith’s on my way home from work.

It is indeed a very good read, and I’ll give you a short summary of the best bits, if you like:

Interview with Joshua Schachter, founder of del.icio.us
Articles on blogging for businesses, how the royalnavy.mod.uk website was given a makeover, including accessibility considerations and a showcase on the best in current web design.
Makeover Suggestions for gardenaction.co.uk to make it more user focussed
Tutorials, lots of tutorials, and certainly not all aimed at the “hobbyist”, including:

  • Simple liquid layouts using CSS
  • Giving your photos the Lomo treatment with Photoshop
  • Easy Google Maps programming with AJAX
  • Securing your PHP eCommerce scripts
  • Generating SVG graphics with Inkscape (open source app available from the CD with the mag)
  • How to make great-looking pull quotes with CSS

The usual news, reviews, expert opinion and letters pages.
A fun bit at the end, the /trash section, which included a link to the ridiculous website, catsthatlooklikehitler.com

At £5.99 per issue, you might think it’s a bit steep. But if you subscribe by direct debit, apparently you only pay £11.79 every three months. Now that’s tempting…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am the webmaster of GardenAction, the site mentioned in part of your blog. I never realised that my site had been reviewed by .Net! Thanks for pointing it out.

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