Why Not Tag Along Too?

I’ve been quiet on the blogging front lately, just rather busy to keep up!

Today I was sent an invitation to the d.Construct2006 Backnetwork, which is a great site for attendees of the upcoming d.Construct event in Brighton on 8th September. If you’re not already signed up, I’m afraid you will have to wait until next time, as they are full. But the Backnetwork site provides an excellent place for attendees to “meet”, chat, review etc. All the better if you forget to give someone your business card at the event; if you know their name, you can go look them up on the site afterwards.

I will post more on the actual event once it happens. But as I was browsing the Backnetwork site, I stumbled across references to XFN – short for XHTML Friends Network. It’s a great way of adding extra meaning to links in your blogroll, for instance, which tell others who are reading, about your relationship with the person concerned. It’s dead easy to implement (read the four easy steps showing you how to go about it). In it’s simplest form, you just add an extra rel=”met” tag to any links for people you have actually met in person. So if I had met the ficticious Joe Bloggs and wanted to add his blog to my blogroll, I would use:

<a href=”http://joebloggs.com/blog” rel=”met”>Joe’s Blog</a>.

If he was also a friend, I would add rel=”friend met”. There are a few other options, (which you can read about in more detail here), but it’s pretty simple to remember, and will add a human dimension to ordinary links.

So I thought I would XFN my blogroll so you can see who’s who. Why not tag along and make your blogroll XFN-friendly too?

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