Beta Blockers?

Blogger has a new beta version out and is inviting bloggers to move over from their existing account. This involves signing in with a Google account – either using an existing one, or signing up for a new account.

Using systems in beta can be a “fun” experience – you might be the person to come across that little-known bug which completely ruins your day! Or you might find that all the new features are worth the little rough patches while everything gets ironed out.

I’ll admit I’m dithering over whether I should jump ship and go for the beta release. There are certainly some great new features like the ability to restrict read access and add “labels” (tags to you and me) for searching and categorising your blog posts. OK, these two are features which other publishing systems like WordPress have had for some time (and I know of folks who have defected to WordPress from Blogger in the past due to these deficiencies).

One “hidden” benefit is their new dynamic serving of pages. In the past, you had to “Publish” each new entry or the whole blog when you made changes, to give the static HTML pages which made up your blog. If you forgot to republish, the changes weren’t seen until the next time you republished. This was pretty tedious and took quite a while if you had large blog. In the new version, changes are made to the database immediately and each page is served dynamically on the fly at each request. No more waiting for the spinning logo to finish its whirling!

My ideal scenario would be to move just one blog (probably the RugbyMad one) and play with it for a bit to see if I have any problems, before moving this blog too. But it’s not clear from the support info if I can do this – effectivley, both blogs are linked from one account, and I think it’s the account I’m moving and not the blog specifically.

Anyway, if you’re interested in what new features are in the beta release, here are a few links for you to digest:

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