Playpen #2 – Lightbox JS

The d.Construct Backnewtwork has a neat feature which hooks into the Flickr API and pulls out all suitably-tagged images of the conference. Then when you click an image, it appears in a rather sexy overlay window.

I’ve been looking for some time, for an unobtrusive javascript method of displaying a photo + caption in a popup, as I have several sites which require this feature, without needing to go for the overhead of dynamic pages or a page per image. Trouble is, most of the methods I’ve found haven’t been friendly if you turn off JavaScript!

The latest issue of .Net magazine (#154) also has a tutorial on Lightboxes (Javascript Image gallery widgets), so I thought I’d give Lightbox JS a try.

It works great straight out of the box, is dead easy to inplement, and will let you customise quite a few features. If users have Javascript disabled, they still get to see the content (the larger image when you click on the thumbnail, albeit in a boring vanilla window), so it’s fine from an accessibility standpoint. And I’m pretty sure it’s the very same method the backnetwork uses.

I knocked a quick gallery together, which you can see at the Playpen #2 page.

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