Blogger/Web2.0 Mixer Event #2

Roger Kondrat over at TechWinter organised the second Blogger/Web2.0 Mixer Event last night, and a great success it was. About 40-50 bloggers, startups and web entrepreneurs got together for chat, beer and chips, at All Bar One in Soho.

I met some interesting people, including:

  • Chris Toudic of Jobneters, a new job network which has just gone live.
  • Chris Scollo and Philip Wilkinson of Crowdstorm (good to see you guys again), a new Social Shopping site which launched in public beta last week.
  • Ewan MacLean from SMSTextnews, who was very enthusiastic about all things mobile. He agreed to interviewed for a podcast by Andy White, of Summit Solutions, who was polling people about their Blackberries. Ewan made some very interesting comments about his use of mobile email devices.

Thanks again to Roger for organising the event; keep an eye out on his
blog for future events (I’ll almost certainly mention it here too, when
there’s more info to pass on).

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3 Responses to Blogger/Web2.0 Mixer Event #2

  1. Phil Wilkinson says:

    Hey Caz,

    Thanks for the link and great to see you again.

    You mispelt our company name though – Crowdstorm not Crowstorm 🙂


  2. Caz Mockett says:

    Whoops! The “d” was missing in action, but has now returned 🙂

    I think my head was going faster than my typing!

    Actually, I quite like “crowstorm” – maybe I should see if the domain is free… 😉

  3. Anonymous says:


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