d.construct debrief

Otherwise known as the dConstruct Party…

But first, I’d like to say what a great time I had at the conference. Some really informed and informative speakers; nice venue (apart from the pokey seats) and plenty of subjects to get the braincells working. And of courese, plently of opportunity to meet like-minded geeks for beer, chat and crazy golf!

Here’s some of my pictures taken around the after-party.

[Sunset over the wreckage of the West Pier]

[Bright On Neon. OK, bad pun]

[Ross and his Paps on the crazy golf circuit]

[Who ate all the pies? A conference-goer wishes to remain anonymous]

You can see all my d.Construct/Brighton images at Flickr.

I met some great people, amongst whom were:

The other great thing about the conference was the excellent backnetwork site – no problems if you forgot to get someone’s card; just look them up later, or read their aggregated blog posts and view their Flickr pictures, all in one place. Every con’ should have one!

Lastly, here’s a cheeky little desktop which I spotted during the first session of the day – great to stop the Over The Shoulder Snoopers?

[Stop Looking At My Screen!]

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3 Responses to d.construct debrief

  1. Olly says:

    The anonymous pieman (Hello Simon!) is the same pieman who doesn’t want you to look at his screen. What are the chances of that eh?

  2. Caz Mockett says:

    Spooky dooky! AND his name is Simon the Pimon (or should that be Siman the Pieman??)

  3. Leeky says:

    Those chips were certainly much needed when the trays of nibbles kept moving through the after party out of arms length of our little group!

    I’m glad I never did find the guy to give my Geek Golf score to, my score is waaaay near the bottom, as I suspected.

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