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Flickr Link Shortening Confusion

I discovered something weird today. I’ve known for some time that you can get Flickr’s short link for an image if you view > source. It’s usually about 20-odd lines into the page. I was making a comment on this … Continue reading

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Flickr And Self-Referential Folksonomy

I’ve been thinking a lot about Flickr and tagging recently, having just had to bash a load of tags onto my BarCamp pictures. Lots of my mates are members, and when we’ve got together for socials, we share the pictures … Continue reading

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d.construct debrief

Otherwise known as the dConstruct Party… But first, I’d like to say what a great time I had at the conference. Some really informed and informative speakers; nice venue (apart from the pokey seats) and plenty of subjects to get … Continue reading

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