London 2.0 RC9

That sounds like a mouthful, but was actually a fun evening at the Old Bank of England, a wonderfully atmospheric pub in Fleet Street.

It’s the first time Sheila and I had been to a “London 2.0” event, and we got there quite early due to being able to skive off our regular commitments in plenty of time.

Before long, we were joined by other new faces and old timers. It was great to catch up with some people I’d not seen for a while and make other new friends, including:

  • Liam Clancy – sporting a new haircut, but we still recongnised him!
  • Mike Butcher of Techcrunch, who kindly bought a round and promptly wandered off before we could have a proper chat.
  • Richard Livsey a newbie to the London developers scene, who had rather bravely cycled to the venue – hope your bike was still chained where you left it, Richard!
  • Simon Whatley who was happy to chat with us, drink beer and blether on about the rugby for most of the evening.

Looking forward to the next London 2.0 do, I’ll certainly hope to speak to some more of the regulars next time.

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