Patronage And Other Musings

You may have noticed the “i’m patronising” badge on the side of this blog. What’s it all about? Well, Joe Clark has a big plan and he needs small donations towards keeping him fed, while he spends four months trying to raise $7 million (canadian) to undertake the research he wants to carry out. He’s targeting four major strands of accessibility, and has set up the Open & Closed Project in order to do so. By donating a modest sum, folks like you and me can make a small contribution, which in turn will allow Joe to make a big one. Good luck Joe!

Two more recent posts concerning accessibility have caught my eye:

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  1. Frances Berriman says:

    I must keep missing you in Twickenham – I live about 10 mins from the stadium!

    Glad you enjoyed my post though, even if it did just show me how little I’d thought about and considered with screen readers.

    Hopefully see you in Staines.

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