BarCamp Leeds 09


Another trip up the North for BarCampLeeds this last weekend. I had been to OBH for PhotoCampLeeds in February, so knew the venue would provide us with a great space for a BarCamp.

There was much bribery going on during the sessions this time – some lovely ladies baked us cupcakes to entice us into their discussion, and Alistair brought along his trainset so that a few more folks would attend his session:

The Cupcake express[The Cupcake Express hauls its cargo]

The afternoon saw lots of geeks outside on the lawn enjoying an impromptu circus skills workshop:

Alistair juggles pepsi cansHodge falls off a unicycle
[Alistair juggles with pepsi cans whilst The Hodge falls off a unicycle]

And if that wasn’t silly enough, after we had all enjoyed the party on Saturday night and arrived back on Sunday morning [not] nursing hangovers, there was also Twister to play with:

Twisted Fools[Twisted fools!]

… and the trainset was back, this time with added constructions fashioned out of sponsor’s mugs!

Round and round[Tom watches Mr Duck watching the train run round in circles]

A few of the participants also managed to find a cache when the fun was over too, so all in all a grand weekend.

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