BarCamp North East 2

Having heard good things about BarCampNorthEast1, I was determined to attend the second helping which was held on 16th-17th May in Newcastle.

As expected, the northern hospitality was greatly appreciated, and there were some really interesting sessions. I was a relatively small BarCamp, but I do like the smaller ones as they seem more friendly and it’s easier to get to talk to people than at some of the bigger ones.

I particularly enjoyed @ajkavanagh‘s session on Procrastination (we talked a lot but didn’t find any solutions!) and @sctv‘s Hardward Hacking for under a fiver:

Harware Hack[Cannibalising stuff for spares – things bought from the Pound Shop often contain components you would be hard-pressed to buy cheaper than that]

James Rutherford also did a fantastic tongue-in-cheek (or should that be geek?) look back at 20th Century websites and what we thought was good at the time. A sobering thought – what we do right now will often look equally naff in a few years’ time!

20th Century Design[James Rutherford – so last century!]

There was also the usual evening fun and games, including Werewolf and PowerPoint Karaoke organised by The Hodge:

Zoooooom![Alistair waves his arms about during the PowerPoint Karoake, in true Magnus Pike style]

I decided not to run a technical session, but instead taught a few folks to play Carcassonne on Sunday morning:

Strategic thinking[Strategic thinking during a game of Carcassonne]

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