BarCamp London9

BarCamp London9Once again, I was a volunteer helper at BarCamp London9 at City University this past weekend, the fourth London BarCamp which I have helped out with, and the 30th BarCamp I have attended! We got bright orange t-shirts and fake moustaches…

Me and my fake moustache

Me and my fake moustache

As usual, it was pretty hectic, so this time around, I didn’t have the chance to take many photos. But I was able to spare some time to give a presentation of my own. I chose to talk about gaming strategies for Carcassonne – a board game much favoured by me and some of my geek friends. As well as playing the physical game, I also have an electronic version for iPhone/iPad which keeps me quiet on the train when I commute from time to time (the screenshots were done from the iPad version). Download the slides as a PDF (6Mb) or view the embedded presentation below.

As well as the general session slots, @thehodge and his glamourous assistant @alistair also organised some evening entertainment in the form of a BarCamp Fortunes* Quiz. This culminated in two of the opponents fighting it out by bashing a piñata for sweets. I only caught this with my iPhone, but it was pretty silly!

Simon Willison beats up Adrian Howard's Piñata

Simon Willison beats up Adrian Howard's Piñata

View more presentations from Caz Mockett or view this title on Slideshare.

So, that’s about all for this post! Here are a few more pictures:

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* This really isn’t a rip-off of Family Fortunes, honest

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